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Systems Engineering

Redshift Systems has the experience and knowledge to build your infrastructure, big or small, the right way. Maybe you only have one or two computers that you need configured and networked, or maybe you need a cluster of servers to support all your business needs. You pick the scale and we will do everything to make it happen.



Mobile Computing

Mid-range Servers


Virtual Machines

Web Hosting



Lets be honest. You are looking for someone you can trust, that is not going to try to sell you what you don’t need. Not going to present a huge bill or pressure you into long, binding contracts. That’s not the way we do business either. We negotiate with you, the customer, to define what costs and timelines are reasonable for both of us. If you are not satisfied, there are a thousand other businesses offering these same services.

At Redshift Systems we are moving toward the speed of light - come with us.