Who Cares?

Man invented time. It is not a natural phenomenon. Sure there are signs of it all over the world and the universe, but until man came along, there was no mention of it anywhere. There is mass and motion, but it was man who applied the concept of time to those physical1 ideas. The Earth revolves around the Sun, but it was man who invented the idea of a year, months, days, and hours. In fact, it was man who invented any form of measuring or counting (math). It didn’t exist before man and it will cease to exist once he is gone.

I’m not going into a history lesson to explain where all of the time related numbers came from that are used today. You can do that (good luck), but it is going to be a lesson in frustration. A year is 365 days or 12 months — approximately. A month is a variety of different days. A day is around 24 hours (but indicated as 12 hours, twice). If anyone can see the reasoning for clinging to these ancient and incoherent numbers today, please stand up and look stupid. I know. Changing it would be harder than creating a new species of man, and you would only get a handful of intelligent people to agree, but it would apply reason and order that is desperately needed.

Take a look at the clock in the graphic above. Notice how it maps out the entire day, showing day and night. Straight up is Noon. You can tell by the hour hand, even without the numbers, that it is approaching evening (1420 Hours). This illustrates a 24-hour day as it should be measured and displayed, and without the idiotic need for specifying the added and archaic AM or PM.

Something significant, but less realized, is the modern(?) calendar. We insist to display the calendar month, divided by weeks (4 or 5), starting on a Sunday. I will stick out my neck here and say that I think it is universally excepted that a “weekend” (hence, the end of a week) is considered to be Saturday and Sunday? Doesn’t that suggest the first day of the week would be a Monday, and it follows that Saturday and Sunday would be together, at the end? The current representation is completely irrational. (Note: some European countries have made it right).

Once upon a time, we did attempt to correct a measurement system2, in America. It failed. To try again would be useless, because the generation(s) since that time are even more disagreeable, selfish, and stubborn than those before. Due to this dis-evolution of intelligence alone, applying any form of order or reason is going to hit a brick wall. It is readily apparent that chaos is the new social order and growing exponentially.

So what do we do to move to a future that has hope instead of insanity? To change chaos into order? Personally, I believe it is too late. Society, in general, is in decay. Values and virtues are unrewarded and crime and corruption wins the day. Very few care about how many grams are in a kilogram, let alone, whether 10:00 is am or pm. The animal Man has reached a dangerous threshold in his brief existence. He is standing on the edge of the abyss and doesn’t even know it.


1 - Ironically, corporeal or physical, is only a perceived and imaginary state. In reality, there is nothing physical in the sense that most people think. Tiny amounts of energy spinning at the speed of light (subatomic elements) successfully simulates mass. Everything you see or touch is imagined and re-constructed inside your mind. There is no matter. Only differing states of energy. This is the entire composition of the cosmos.

2 - Remember the conversion attempt to the Metric System? Well, it didn’t go away even though millions of Americans want it to. America is the only country in the world still using an ancient, inefficient, and non-standard system of measurements. There is a reason we haven’t joined the rest of the world. Can you guess what it is?

The Times They Aren’t A-Changin’